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Visit the historic center of Salerno

The ancient Salernum was founded by the Romans in 197 BC. The historical center is the core of the old tow, with its medieval narrow alleys.

In the historic center you can visit churches, museums, gardens, shopping and enjoy the typical local specialties.

The Cathedral was founded in 1076 by Roberto il Guiscardo in honor of Apostle Matthew, the patron saint of Salerno. It is the symbol of Norman civilization. It preserves the remains of the Saint Matthew and the Pope Gregorio VII.

The Minerva Garden is the oldest Botanical Garden in Europe, it was set up by Matteo Silvatico in the first twenty years of the 1300s. It was used by the Medical School of Salerno, the oldest and most famous European institution for the study and the spread of medicine, which worked for nearly a millennium, from the Middle Ages to 1812.

The Arechi Castle, an imposing fortress dates from the sixth century, is located 300 meters on the top of Mount Bonadies, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Salerno and its Gulf.

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