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Amalfitan Coast: Art, Culture, Nature

Salerno is located in the centre of a touristic district with a high landscape, historical, cultural and archaeological value of international importance, so much so that three geographic areas have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Amalfitan Coast

The “Divine Coast”, with 37 Km of coastline from Vietri sul Mare to Positano, offers breathtaking views at every bend on the high jagged coast.

The mountain falls into a crystalline sea, creating charming inlets, deep fjords, cliffs, caves, natural arches and small pebbly beaches. The typical houses, with warm pastel colors, leaned against each other, create an extremely picturesque landscape. Among the yellow lemons and green, blue and orange pottery, it is a journey through history, art, literature, flavors and crafts.

Vietri sul Mare: located only 5 minutes from Salerno, it is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. It is also well-known for its intense and vivid colors potteries, a craft tradition dated back to 1400s.

Amalfi: the oldest of the four Maritime Republics. It is framed between the mountains and the sea, crossed by narrow and winding alleys. It is full of medieval architecture in the Arabesque shape and valuable works of art such as the Duomo and the Cloister of Paradise.

Ravello: it is an ancien medieval town well-known for its history, valuable monuments, patrician houses and the magic of landscapes. It is a garden-terrace located 350 meters above sea level from which you may enjoy the most romantic views of the Amalfi Coast.

Positano: one of the “pearls” of seaside tourism in the Mediterranean, with clusters of pastel-colored houses in the middle of thriving vegetation. Its streets are full of boutiques of Positano fashion.

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